Project Services

Advisory Services


Information Management and Strategy Roadmap

Cabeus helps clients understand their information management challenges and needs, especially in the areas of regulatory, quality and pharmacovigilance, so as to help them develop their vision, strategy and multi-year roadmaps.  Cabeus also brings the required expertise to translate visions and plans into implementation programs.

Information Governance

Cabeus believes that apart from streamlining business processes and enabling them with technology solutions, it is equally important to ensure there is adequate governance around information management so that the quality of data is maintained high and there are enough organizational resources to capture, curate and maintain such high quality data.  We bring innovative approaches to governance.

Business Analysis

Cabeus brings business analysis by leading workshops to gather user requirements, map out business processes, document functional requirements and support testing efforts corresponding to the requirements.  Cabeus follows established approaches such as PMBOK to capture requirements in a structured manner.

Technology/Vendor Evaluation

Cabeus employs rigorous score-card based software evaluation approaches to assess technology solutions that support clients’ regulatory and pharmacovigilance information management needs. Cabeus brings TOGAF and other established frameworks to define enterprise architectures.

Business Process Optimization

Cabeus helps clients design new business processes to support information management initiatives or re-design processes to bring efficiencies, eliminate waste and bring value to the end users. Cabeus employs techniques such as Lean Sigma and other methodologies to streamline business processes.

Program and Project Management

Cabeus brings in years of experience with large-scale program and project management having led major programs and projects across the globe.  We bring in the necessary rigor and methodology combined with agile approaches to show incremental and iterative progress.

Change Management

As businesses become increasingly global, there are plenty of challenges deploying processes and systems globally and managing change effectively. Cabeus helps clients with global deployment, change management and training initiatives.

Technology Services


Information and Data Architecture

Cabeus believes that robust yet flexible information and data architecture is key to the demanding information requirements of any organization, especially when the external and business environment is changing frequently.  Cabeus brings the rigor of well-established information architecture frameworks to do assessments of current architecture landscapes and recommend changes to accommodate the growing needs of the organization.

Application Development and Integration

Cabeus excels in the design, development, deployment and integration of large-scale information management solutions based on a variety of technologies and platforms. Our team is well versed with a variety of methodologies with both on-site and off-site delivery models.

Enterprise Collaboration and Content Management

Cabeus believes Collaboration and Content Management are integral part of the Life Sciences value chain and the key is to integrate data, documents and knowledge seamlessly through processes, technologies and insights.  Cabeus has strong expertise in building line of business applications on top of Microsoft SharePoint and Documentum, the two major platforms in the Life Sciences industry.

Data Quality Monitoring/Remediation

Cabeus understands the need for maintaining high quality regulatory information in a sustainable manner so all business processes depending on registration and related information provide timely business value. We have tools and techniques to assess data quality, perform remediation and also migrate data.

Validation and Testing

Cabeus brings in years of experience in validation and testing of regulated applications; at the same time, we believe that validation should not be surrogate for good software development practices; we are pragmatic and thoughtful about what types of applications and scenarios need validation versus those that need proper software quality assurance.